Seo Ye Ji Orders Kim Jung Hyun to Refuse Doing Skinships with Seohyun, says Dispatch

Seo Ye Ji Ordered Kim Jung Hyun to Refuse Doing Skinships with Seohyun, says Dispatch

It looks like Dispatch is not yet done with Kim Jung Hyun.

After revealing that the actor is currently dating “Crash Landing on You” co-star Seo Ji Hye — which their respective labels quickly denied — the entertainment site just dropped another “revelation.”

It was revealed that Kim Jung Hyun refused to do skinskips with “The Time” co-star Seohyun as ordered by his then-girlfriend, Seo Ye Ji

“The Time” was aired on MBC from July to September 2018.

Dispatch revealed that there are a total of 13 missing skinship scenes from the drama. They claim to have gotten ahold of the original script of the drama and after they reviewed the script, they have spotted 13 missing skinship scenes.  

It has been previously thought that the reason for Kim Jung Hyun’s refusal to do skinship with Seohyun is due to his mental health issues.

The actor has been battling with eating disorders and other mental health-related issues during the filming of the said drama. This was the reason why he kept requesting to revise the script to eliminate all the scenes where his character was supposed to be touching Seohyun’s character.

But it looks like this is not the only reason why he did so. 

According to Dispatch, Seo Ye Ji “ordered” Kim Jung Hyun not to do any skinship scenes with Seohyun. The actress allegedly “ordered” him to ask the production to edit the script “so there’s no romance.”

Kim Jung Hyun eventually dropped out of the drama because of supposedly worsening health issues. 

Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ye Ji’s respective labels already released an initial statement about the “scandal.”

Kim Jung Hyun’s agency, O& Entertainment, stated that they have nothing to say because they know nothing about the issue. 

Seo Ye Ji’s agency, Gold Medalist, said that they are looking into it. 

Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ye Ji worked together in a 2018 film Stay with Me. The two are rumored to have dated for a short while. 

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