“Princess Hours” is Getting a Remake

Princess Hours is Getting a Remake

Yes, it has been confirmed! The 2016 hit drama “Princess Hours” is getting a remake as confirmed by Jaedam Media, the company that manages the popular manhwa (Korean comics) of the same title. The agency has confirmed to have signed a contract with Group 8 (formerly known as Eight Peaks), the same company that produced the 2016 hit drama “Princess Hours”.

The drama, which has 24 episodes, aired on MBC from January 11 to March 30, 2006. The main cast is composed of Yoon Eun Hye who played the role of Shin Chae Kyeong, a normal high school girl who is betrothed to the crown prince, Crown Prince Lee Shin, who was played by actor Ju Ji Hoon. They were joined with Kim Jeong Hoon who played the role of Prince Lee Yul, the Crown Prince’s cousin, and Song Ji Hyo who played the role of Min Hyo Rin, the Crown Prince’s girlfriend who broke up with him as she chose to pursue her dream of becoming a star ballerina.

The drama was a huge success not only in Korea but also internationally.

They haven’t released any statement yet on the new set of casts for the planned remake.

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