Lessons We Learn from “A Moment to Remember”

7 Lessons We Learn from “A Moment to Remember” Movie

A Moment to Remember is a 2004 South Korean movie based on the 2001 Japanese TV drama Pure Soul. Jung Woo-sung and Son Ye-jin play Chul-soo and Su-jin, the couple who bears the burdens that Alzheimer’s disease brings.

The original Korean title of this film is literally translated as “Eraser in My Head.” The story, as heart-wrenching as it is inspiring, has summoned buckets and buckets of tears.

Through the following quotes from the movie, we learn these 7 lessons worth sharing, especially with those who have not seen it yet.

1. “When memory’s gone, so is the soul, so they say.”

This is proven otherwise by Chul-soo and Su-jin. The soul thrives as love lingers on despite Su-jin’s faded memory.

2. “I don’t get it. Getting a [hair]cut doesn’t help forget the past.”

Apparently, Alzheimer’s does! In this film, at least. But it’s true, though, isn’t it? Getting a haircut only makes your hair shorter.

3. “To forget easily is a gift. Let go of your old mistakes. Make a fresh start.”

However, this film also teaches us how forgetting is not always a gift. There is a kind of forgetting that you will consider a curse. In this film, it’s called Alzheimer’s disease.

4. “You know how a real carpenter is different from a fake one? Go see it at a shop. They all complain about the wood. The real carpenter sees the texture. What’s the texture? It’s a possibility. The texture gets you anything. A real carpenter can see that. It’s the same with people.”

This makes you wonder how many fake carpenters are in the world! But of course, this quote teaches us to judge the wood by its texture and, well, it’s the same with people… so, self-explanatory?

5. “Forgiving isn’t that hard. It’s just giving away that one plain room in your heart.”

And there will still be so many more left. Well, surely, one plain room can’t hurt, can it?

6. “A true carpenter is the one that can build a house in his heart.”

Remember, Jesus was a carpenter. Enough said.

7. “I’m your memory. I’m your heart.”

Chul-soo proves that Su-jin doesn’t need her memory for her love to be good for something as he tries to make up for what she’s lost.

For those who haven’t seen A Moment to Remember, a Philippine remake of this beautiful film is coming to work on those tear ducts, starring Alden Richards and Bea Alonzo.

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