BTS Suga Celebrates Birthday by Donating

BTS Suga Celebrates Birthday by Donating

BTS Suga celebrates his 28th birthday by making a huge donation to a hospital that treats pediatric cancer patients. The idol, whose birthday is on March 9, donated 100 million won to Keimyung University Dongsan Hospital. He made the donation two days after his birthday.

Suga hopes that the amount would help those kids who can’t get proper medical treatments due to financial circumstances.

Cho Ji Heum, the hospital director, expressed his deep gratitude towards the idol. He said that he’s very proud of how BTS uses its influence to help society.

This is not the first time that BTS Suga celebrates his birthday by giving back to the less fortunate. Last 2018, he celebrated his birthday by sending Korean beef to 39 orphanages. And on his 2019 birthday, he also gave 100 million won, plus 329 dolls, to Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation. What makes the donation even more remarkable is he made it under their official fans club name, ARMY.

BTS fans are now looking forward to the 2021 Grammy Awards as the KPop group has been recently confirmed to perform at the said event.

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